About the Founder

As the old saying goes, Social worker is always born and never made, our founder, S.Radhakrishanan, was indeed a born superhero to us. The seed was sown at the year 1995 and today we are here, a full grown tree, providing shade and life for the past 25 years. This orphanage was founded by him, who dedicated all his earnings for this trust. Although a millionaire may call himself philanthropist while he donates a very small amount, it is truly the ones who spend all they have, the real Gods on earth. The trust takes immense pride in calling Radhakrishnan one such blessing to mankind. He has sold all his assets for a social cause.

S. Radhakrishnan in his early years received Gallantry Award from the Tamil Nadu Governor Dr. P.C. Alexander in 1988. The Award is given to him for his Bravery act by rescuing three Children from the burning tar. Since then his inclination towards helping others has nothing but increased. He has also received National Awards three times and State Awards five times for his Social Service.

The Founder S. Radhakrishnan with his Awards

S. Radhakrishnan given a citation by the District Revenue Officer, Pasumpon Muthuramaligam District for his Services to the Lepers, blind and the disabled community in March 1989.

The District Adi Dravidar Welfare Officer of Pasumpon Muthuramaligam District giving a citation to S. Radhakrishnan for his selfless services to the Adi-Dravidar Community in 1989.

S. Radhakrishnan in his young days receiving a citation for his campaign on Untouchability from Mr. Padmanabhan Advisor to Dr. P.C. Alexander IAS, the then Governor of Tamil Nadu.

Award for Gallentry

Dr.P.C.Alexander IAS,Governor of Tamilnadu presenting the GallentryAward to Shri.S.Radhakrishnan for his act of Bravery in Rescuing three Childrens who fell into burning tar by risking his life.

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A Free Residential Home for the wandering and Abandoned Elders.

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