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The trust’s one of the most important motives is to bring in a sense of equality and comfort into the lives of various people. Life always has a way of treating people, whilst some enjoy the pleasure of the world and some are left homeless, when they age. Nevertheless, this should not be a prejudice. Every soul on this planet is worthy of love and care. We provide the elderly the best care they can get.

The United Orphanage houses around 50 senior citizens. Their everyday activities include watering the garden and helping the kitchen workers in preparing their daily meals. They might have lost their family, but they have found their home, here.

United Orphanage in Tamilnadu , a place for homeless people focusing on helping the needy since 1995. An orphanage is a rehabilitation place where people start their next phase of life by forgetting their past dreadful experiences. United orphanage is a place of calm and pleasant atmosphere for elders to lead their golden days with happiness. United Orphanage for old age is bestowed with good food, hospitality, caring staff and good shelter. The orphanage was situated in Kurumbapalayam on the outskirts of Coimbatore. The main motive of United Orphanage for old age doesn’t stop with delivering food and shelter for necessary people, it always shines their lives in various forms.

Recreational activities for Orphans

United Orphanage in Tamilnadu performs various activities to keep elders engaged with activities and lead a happy life on further days. Their recreational activities include yoga, meditation, arts and crafts, vocational training and a library.


United Trust library comprises a lot of books which are useful for elders which make their leisure time into pleasure. Most elders would fondly read books and magazines daily. This small library is a mind relief therapy for elders in the home.

Yoga and exercises

To keep their body fit and mind healthy it is necessary to do some physical activities. Yoga and meditation will keep their mind and body in a robust state. Separate areas for performing yoga activities during early mornings and evenings are located within the premises. Interested elders can make their own time great with yoga exercises.

Vocational trainings

The vocational training like plumbing, fashion design, welding etc., are taught during particular hours of a week to enhance their living style. Learning a self-employed skill will always help a person at any point in life. It may help elders to lead their own life without disturbing others.

Medical counsellings

Medical counsellings, medical checkups, vaccination camps, awareness camps are conducted to have a continuous check of the health and well-being of elders. These medical checkups as a matter of course will help to keep a track of elders' health conditions and be able to identify certain severe health issues.

Craft time

Arts and crafts classes like painting, tailoring. Women empowering activities, doll making, basket weaving classes are conducted for old-age people in the orphanage. These classes refresh their minds and make them active. Craft times are more useful and make the orphans vibe in happiness.

Leisure time

Elders can spend their leisure time interacting with other people in the old age home. The staff over there are friendly and understand the difficulties of elders. Caregivers help them to progress with a positive spirit throughout the day.

A helping hand costs nothing but kind’. Dr. Radhakrishnan believes helping others is a secret way to lead a happy life. Dr. Radhakrishnan, a prominent writer, journalist and teacher in his career milestones. He wrote almost 107 books and published them. His demeanor, perseverance and humbleness have led the United Orphanage for old age, a successful journey throughout these years. His thoughts towards charity have inspired a lot of people who are interested in charity.

Dr. Radhakrishnan for his outstanding social work has earned several awards and recognitions. Raja Sir Muthaiah Chettiyar Award, Mother Teresa Award for best social work, Bharath Vikas Award, Best environmentalist Award, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Award, National Unity Award, Outstanding achievement award, Outstanding personality award are some remarkable achievements accomplished by Dr.Radhakrishnan. Amidst the enduring long run of 25+ years journey, the orphanage has received the Best organization Award from Tamil Nadu state government welfare department of differently-abled persons in the year 2012.

Help the Orphans

United orphanage, NGO in tamilnadu provides a place for more than 230 aged mothers. Any person willing to help the old age people in the orphanage can donate things or money and can join volunteer activities helpful for orphans. Volunteering activities like counseling the elders, teaching craft works for elders, guiding them with proper yoga exercises, conducting medical camps, contributing meals to elders, etc., are always welcomed by United Orphanage in Tamilnadu. People from all over the world can contribute towards volunteering activities even through virtual modes.

Livelihood in United Orphanage for Old age

Every day, the old women are performing activities like gardening the plants, helping the kitchen chores for meals preparation,etc. The orphans are provided with nutrient-rich meals in a neat and fine dining area. The shelters are provided with beds, neat restroom facilities and other amenities. The care and support provided by caregivers in the orphanage make them feel that they stay at home. For any medical emergencies 24/7, the staff in the Orphanage are attentive to provide full support to the elders. Doctors are also available whenever the elders need their assistance and support.

Some elders were not able to walk or stand properly, they were provided with wheelchairs facilities. United Orphanage in Tamilnadu is bestowed with a pleasant atmosphere and serene culture which is more supportive for old age people. Caregivers always have a careful watch over the elders. In regards to the safety of the elders, security cameras are installed all over the orphanage. Security guards are positioned at the entrance gates and visitors are allowed only during particular visiting hours. None of the out persons can enter without proper checking and intimation.

Concerns for old age people

Old age is always a sensitive phase in life. Although becoming old is a natural process, elders face certain crises during this period. In today’s world, People consider elders as a burden to them and most of the people who are working have no time to take care of elders at home. United Charitable trust Tamilnadu looks after the elders and makes them feel confident in the activities they perform in their lives. United orphanage for old age always offers to help hands for the elders and uplift their living standards.

Our Goal is to help people

We strive to bring a ray of hope into the tunnels of various lives.


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Rehabilitation for abandoned elders and to ensure they are medically fit

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