About Us

Our Vision

Serendipity : the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Our motto is to provide a home and sustenance and a sense of worth to the less fortunate among us and ensure that they have a life to look forward to.

We are committed to ensure that the physical and emotional needs of all inmates are met by providing an environment that enhances each inmate’s awareness of his or her, dignity, security, comfort and peace of mind.

We provide need-based comprehensive Vocational Rehabilitation through team based approach facilitating inclusion, ensuring empowerment of aged persons and to impart vocational training that secures, jobs or self employment and thereby creating a base for the development of human resources.

The Home shelters abandoned, aged persons and the environment around gives peace and tranquillity that contribute to their well-being.

Our Services

We work towards providing the best for the ones who have sought shelter from us, some of our works include: nursing, counselling, art therapy and vocational training.

Providing Home, food, clothing for orphanage peoples

Exercise and Yoga

Art Therapy



Recreational Activities

Nursing Home and Medical checkups

Vocational training

ISO Certification

VIP Visitors

Our Service

We sincerely thank the people who are helping us to march forward to serve more orphans.

A Free Residential Home for the wandering and Abandoned Elders.

News and Media

Print media has always recognised us for the service that we do and has made sure that we get the reach we deserve.

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We are open to donations on various avenues, even digitally! PayTM and Netbanking are our major gateways for donations.

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Joy is achieved the most when shared. Help us spread joy and happiness by sharing your time and resources.